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Purpose: The purpose of the TCKRA Points Program is to encourage people to join the TCKRA and participate in races and to reward paddlers who participate and excel.

TCKRA Youth Program

1.  “Youth” will be defined as the USCA defines “Junior,” which is any paddler who has not reached age 18 by midnight of 12/31 of the prior calendar year.

2.  No TCKRA membership is required for youth participants in the TCKRA Youth Program.

3.  There will be awards for the top female and top male youth paddlers of the year.

4.  Points will be awarded for the following races:  Green’s Bayou, USCA State Championships, Dickinson Bayou.

5.  Points will be awarded as follows:  1st place – 5 points, 2nd place – 4 points, 3rd place - 3 points, 4th  place - 2 points, 5th place - 1 point.

6.  The paddler with the highest point totals will win the award, which is to be presented at the conclusion of the Dickinson Bayou race.


1.  The “Paddler of the Year” awards will be replaced by the creation of a TCKRA Team. The team members will consist of two men and two women.

2.  The team members will be determined by a calculation of points that can be earned by participating in races throughout the year.

3.  The qualifying races are:

Green’s Bayou (3/24)

Colorado River Ramble – K2 only (4/1)

TCKRA ICF State Championships (4/21)

Zedler Mill Classic (4/28)

Texas River Championship (5/12)

TCKRA State Surfski Championship (7/28)

TCKRA State Aluminum Championship (8/18)

Jr. Texas Water Safari – (K1, K2, Solo Unlimited and Tandem Unlimited Only) (9/15)


TCKRA USCA State Championships (9/29)

Come and Take It (10/6)

Turkeyfest Race (10/13)

Dickinson Bayou (11/3)


4.  In order to earn points at a race, the paddler must be a member of the TCKRA before the race starts.

5.  Points will be awarded as follows:  1st place – 5 points, 2nd place – 4 points, 3rd place - 3 points, 4th  place - 2 points, 5th place - 1 point.

6.  No points will be awarded at non-race events.

7.  Points acquired are by paddler, not by class.

8.  Points will be awarded in each class in which there is at least one participant.  The classes will be defined by the individual race directors.

9.  TCKRA Team members will be the two male and two female paddlers who accumulate the most points.  In the case of a tie, the paddler with the most 1st place finishes will be chosen.  If still tied, 2nd place finishes will be compared, then 3rd and so on until the tie is broken.

10.  TCKRA Team members will be:

a.  awarded a TCKRA Team jersey,

b.  Have race entry fees reimbursed or paid, by representing the TCKRA at these race events,  up to $100 on races approved by the TCKRA Board of Directors

c.  In order to be reimbursed for race entry fees, the paddler must wear the TCKRA Team jersey.

d.  Team membership lasts for one year.

e.  TCKRA Team members are encouraged to wear their team jersey even at races where the TCKRA is not paying the entry fee.

11.  TCKRA Team members will be named and awarded their jerseys at the TCKRA Annual Banquet.

12.  The TCKRA recognizes that it is possible to “game the system” by entering classes with few or no other paddlers to maximize the amount of points earned.  While this practice is not technically against the rules, it is against the spirit and purpose the TCKRA Points Program.  The TCKRA reserves the right to modify any points awarded under the program.